Want to send Apple feedback?

Here is a hidden URL to their feedback page. Ok so it is not all that hidden, but because many applications have a “Send us feedback” menu item, for those that do not, this will help you out:

Apple’s product feedback page


  1. i’m sorry I wasted my money on a useless macbook pro – msn messenger cant run camera with a mac so cant se anyone ichat is useless no one else uses it as have to have a stupid account!!, cant move itunes songs – cost me a fortune , and a lot of windows media just wont work cant open. should have listened to my friends and got a pc.huge watse of money for no grunt!!!

  2. Then install WINDOWS via bootcamp, use Adium for MSN, use any CONVERTER for your media files! Can’t move iTunes songs? Maybe you should switch back!

  3. Hello Apple,

    OS system suggestion: the red, yellow, green window action buttons at the top of the page should have optional brothers and sisters. I often want a new window which is either small or thin, etc. I would like an easy way to do this. New or special window buttons at the top could be different colors or shapes. They would automatically originate and resize new windows to a specific pre-ordained size. Maybe there are other actions which would be useful.

    Best regards,

    Jonathan Novak

  4. Suggestion # 2

    Why can’t the airport designator be set up to stay on one ‘station’ rather than needing to be re-designated every time I wake up the computer?

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