Another domestic Sunday

Elizabeth and I ran around shopping. I’ve been in ‘organize the house’ mode this summer, trying to make sure we have places for stuff so that when we move, we already know where things should go.

If you didn’t know, Bed Bath and Beyond has turned into “As Seen on TV.” I got the toilet cleaner thing a couple weeks ago, but today netted us:

Hercules Hooks

Ok for $15 I got 10 hooks and a cheap LED leveler, which actually works very well.

The hooks are amazing. They work exactly as advertised. I used them to hang my old bathroom shelves, which with normal huge drywall plugs and screws took 20+ minutes. These took under 2, including the leveling.

The hooks do not have good strength when being pulled away the wall, so we’ll see how they work for shelves, as if you pull outward on the shelve, the shelve tilts forward a little.

However, the hooks have great vertical strength. The more you push down, the more the back end digs into the back of the wall.

The leveler came with plastic tack to hold it on the wall, and two tacks. I just made my first hole, then used the hook to hold the leveler to the wall on the right end, then use the plastic tack to hold it level. A second hook gets inserted, remove the first, insert and hang.


Next, from the same huckster, got:


This block of 10 cloths (6 jumbo, 4 large) absorb a ton of liquid. I picked them up for cleaning the windshields, etc when using RainX. I have yet to try that out, but they worked great at drying off stainless with zero spotting.