FedEx – Never hear the absolutely has to be there slogan anymore, do we?

Update: FedEx delivered at 1pm on Friday. The delivery guy said all he was doing was delivering those little boxes, over 1200 in their station alone!

They still should have had a better answer on the phone other than “we got overwhelmed”

Leopard delivers by 10:30am, according to Fed Ex.

11:45am, I call FedEx. “We’re very sorry, but due to being swamped by Ingram Micro, we’re now quoting 4:30pm”

Nice. Guess I will be late to MacCamp.


  1. Just to give you a giggle, a gem from Andy Ihnatko about the new “And now we have the de-wussification of Mail. Mail was once a candy-apple red Mazda Miata. Now it’s a Ford pickup with a gun rack and a rear-window decal of a cartoon Calvin peeing all over the Microsoft Entourage icon.”

    heheheFunny on so many levels.

    I’m doing the final SuperDuper backup on my iMac G5 before the plunge. I’m going to do an upgrade install on it because I want to see how well it goes. Sarah will probably do her Intel iMac tomorrow or Sunday. We’re both holding off on upgrading our laptops (MBP C2D and 12″ G4) just yet until we’re sure all our apps and whatnot work. I’ll do my new iMac at work on Monday. I’ll be sure to pass on any quirks we might find.

    We’ll both actually be doing what you suggested. We each have a drive just for superduper and a drive for time machine. God bless the internet and cheap commodity hard drive prices. hehe

  2. Upgrade, did it work? It blue screened a friends Mac Pro. I archive and installed on my Mac Pro, no probs. Installed clean (twice, due to a partition error on my part) the Mac Book, so it’s been fine. Took about 3 something hours for Time Machine to fully backup 360 gigs of data on the main mac pro drive to my 2nd internal backup drive. I had performed a super duper backup to my external drive ahead of time, and will probably do that once a week.

    I went in and purposely deleted a file I didn’t need. Then looked for it in time machine, it didn’t find it. Doh! I’m hoping giving TM a little more “time” will do the trick.

    Steve, does time machines searches require the backup drive be indexed?


  3. So far the upgrade-in-place is working just fine. The reason I did it on this machine was so that I had some frame of reference back at work on monday. I haven’t enabled time machine yet because I want to watch it/time it and we’re off to a halloween thing tonight. But tomorrow I’ll turn it on and report back.

    For the record, the install went pretty fast, but the estimated times were always off. They must be running on Redmond time now… You know… 2 minutes = 5 minutes, 5 minutes = 10 minutes, etc. 😉 That last 8 minutes was more like 15.

  4. I did the backup and clean install thing. Runs like a champ on my Power Mac G5. I do think I’m going to upgrade the RAM to 2gb though.

    I totally agree with Andy Ihnatko’s analogy. Mail.App rocks.

    The only issue I’m running into is when trying to install Adobe CS3 Design Premium from DVD, the installer for some reason thinks it needs two discs instead of one. This worked without issue in 10.4.x.

  5. Adobe CS3 Installer issue resolved. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Uninstalling must’ve removed some files that were ported over via the Migration Tool.

  6. Adobe posted and said all of it’s major apps except GoLive seem to be 10.5 ok.

  7. Everything seems fine except for a minor quirk(s).

    SMB/NETBIOS: Can’t seem to connect to SMB shares using netbios names any more – even if they show up in the Finder. But as we’ve started sharing Aperture projects, we’re going to start using AFP for all of our clients except maybe the Mini hooked to the TV. (Why were we using SMB? Transfers to our NAS (Infrant ReadyNAS NV+) were faster than when using AFP.)

    AFP: That said, AFP is advertised over Bonjour by our NAS, but if you click on the link in Shared in the Finder you just get “connection failed”. If you connect using command-k and type in the URI, it works. This is true even if you have the share already mounted.

    Tomorrow’s adventure… how does Leopard like LDAP/Open Directory environments (single sign-on from LDAP, NFS mounted home directory).

  8. Quick update: I installed 10.5 on a system at work. We use LDAP for authentication (and directory services) and home directories mount over NFS.

    Tiger will work out of the box with this (sees the ‘open directory’ [LDAP] server and asks if you’d like to use it and will mount the home directory without trouble), but with Leopard there may be a catch even if it sees your LDAP server and is happy to use it for authentication. If your home directories mount, as ours do, to /home you’ll need to edit /etc/auto_master and take out the dummy mount for /home already in there. Otherwise, it works like a charm for us.

    DOesn’t work for you? If you have trouble authenticating using your LDAP server (or if you have a non-standard schema in place), you may have to manually add your server in Directory Utility rather than rely on it coming from DHCP if you can’t authenticate or the entry says the LDAP server is not in your authentication search path. If that’s the case and you still have trouble, click Advanced Settings and manually add (custom) your Authentication and Contacts in the Search Policy pane.

    And NetInfo is gone, baby, gone. 😉

    PS –

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