Future of Time Machine

I think it is clear that Time Machine is a hit – Easy to set up, works invisibly in the background to keep you up to date – Excellent!

Where can Time Machine go in the future?

Maybe Time Machine will replace .Mac’s Backup application. You could choose some plans to run and have time machine back up just those plans to your iDisk. Instead of Backup’s horrible excuse for versioning, you could have the great Time Machine methodology.

What do you think?


  1. Regardless of where you backup, Time Machine is still an issue with laptops. I have clients who use their machine, then sleep it. Then wake it, take it to the couch, do work, etc. I’ve had to have them go on a 5 min screen saver, 10 min screen off, 2 hour sleep setting guide on power adapter only with drive plugged in just to make sure TIme Machine will get something. Remote backup to iDisk would resolve all of that, backup to iDisk while you work on your laptop on the couch. Done.

  2. That’s an excellent idea! If Time Machine supported going to the future, I could just fast-forward some weeks to copy what I will be coding in the next month, and then take a nice break 🙂

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