An Open Letter to Western Digital


Subject: re: Anywhere Access

I saw a note at MacWorld about the Anywhere Access software that you supply for Windows, which prevents sharing of some 30 file types, such as video files.

I own every piece of content on my computer. I follow copyright laws. I educate others to not steal content. I don’t support companies like Western Digital treating me like a criminal.

Until you cease shipping software that restricts what I can and cannot do with my files, I will cease to buy WD internal drives and My Books. This is a shame, because I like my two My Book drives, but I cannot sit idly by and allow companies to take my rights away.


  1. Dang, I was all set to buy a MyBook to do Time Machine backups and now Western Digital goes and does this nonsense.

    I really don’t understand why Western Digital is doing this, Just make the blank hard drives and let the people who own the copyrights protect their copyrights.

    It’s almost like adding DRM to blank paper (I know, really oddball analogy).

  2. Almost forgot. What’s that word Fake Steve uses…ah yes, friggin’ frigtards!

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