Are you using Twitter?

I am late to the game checking it out. Email me your ids, mine is geeksrus. Original, eh?

Any good clients to use other than the website?


  1. Provided you use Google Talk (I don’t think they support AIM), then I am convinced that setting it up through Instant Message is the best way. It saves you having to have a whole new application there. Plus, that way it is there wherever you log on (wherever you may be) I think the SMS option is cool and use it, but most people don’t use it I think, so I won’t really bother recommending it to you that much other than this mention.

  2. Twitterific seems to be the client of choice on the Mac.. although it can be really distracting if you are trying to concentrate.

  3. (yes, I’m reading this a month late hehe)

    I use iChat to post when I’m at work, but I get all my notices via SMS. I only turn on notify for a handful: you, sarah, merlin mann and dan klass. The couple of others I follow I catch up with when I glance through the web page at the end of the day. I highly recommend getting merlin via SMS as it’s nice to have an unexpected laugh or three throughout the day.

  4. PS – Oh, and I post vis SMS at most other times. I can’t use Twitterific because, as Lucien says, it’s distracting. When I get the notices via SMS, I read them when I’m ready, not when Twitterific pops up and begs attention.

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