Bought MacHeist Bundle

Alright, I know the bru-ha-ha over MacHeist, but seeing one of the chaching guys push the bundle made me at least feel that due to the success of MH1, the developers are getting a better deal this time around.

Why did I buy it?

Because I loathe Intuit. I am tired of their Mac apps being behind Windows, I am tired of paying for nothing more than bug fixes, and while chaching falls short of what I need, I want to support them somehow.

If the midnightapps guys add splits, I’d be set.

Now for what I was using QuickBooks for. Not accounting, just invoicing. I found a much, much better solution:

Billings2 is a nice Mac app that tracks jobs by time, by task, expenses, prints nice invoices, can auto save to disk with a filename of your liking, can auto email, integrates with address book, etc, etc. Very nice and for around $60, affordable.

I love where the Mac is these days. With indies giving huge corporations like Intuit a run for their, well, money, I am a very happy Macintosh user.

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