I have been hearing about netipots for two months or so, and as someone who has always had allergies, taken medication, worn masks in the yard and soon to have a new kitty, I am interested in any solution to allergy relief.

So a netipot is just a pot – some look like aladdin’s lamp, others more like pots, with the spout the right size to fit in your nostril.

You basically wash your nasal passages with a salt based solution, using gravity only.

The trick is finding a good solution with the proper temperature of water.

My first attempt, using a NeilMed netipot and their solution, was near perfect, except the water was not quite warm enough. Too cold and it feels a little like drowning. Warmer water cures that.

The results? Even with this cold, I am fully clear and breathing easier than even without a cold.

I think I will do this before I go to bed, and in the am, just to see how it keeps me clean. The concept is to repair the nasal hairs with moisture, while washing out the gunk, dust, bacteria, mucous that might be in your nose.

You are not sniffing at all, as that might draw solution into your ears. Rather, you tilt your head forward and to the side, run the solution from the high nostril and out the lower one it comes. Repeat with 50% solution on the other side.

Here is some guy’s video of the process:

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  1. Yeah after we saw that on Oprah that is why I immediately emailed you the info, as it looked like a good solution for you. Many have said it changed their lives with their allergy issues. Keep me posted on how well it works for you. The dr on Oprah said just warm water and a little salt is all you need.

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