FINALLY! SonicWall VPN Bug fixed in Apple Airport Extreme N!

Yes! Yes!

After 12 months of not being able to use my router, Apple shipped Firmware 7.3.1 which passes SonicWall VPN packets!

So far, the router is fast, super fast. Now to see if it keeps connections!


  1. Did you have to configure anything special for it on the airport or in the Sonicwall GVC settings. I’ve tried it and the connection times out “acquiring network address”

  2. Nope, it worked with the standard connection.

    Our failure was always in the VPN ISA-KMP negotiation.

  3. I just tried again with no luck. I get a connection but then times out when I try terminal session. I’m using Sonicwall Global VPN Client (Windows) with Parallels.

    This works with every other router I’ve tried.

  4. I was having the same problem. My Sonicwall VPN connection used to work fine on both physical and virtual machines within my LAN. This was until Apple’s firmware upgrade 7.3.1 came out and screwed everything up. A simple test (connecting my computer directly to the cable modem bypassing Apple’s router) proved that the Airport was in fact the problem. The solution? I don’t like it but it’s simple. Just downgrade your Airport base station to firmware 7.2.1. This is very easy to do from Airport Utility – Click “Manual Setup” – Sumamry tab. Hover your mouse over the “Version” label and click on it. You will get a drop-down with firmware options to upgrade/downgrade to. Use 7.2.1 because is the last one that works. I tested 7.3.1 and 7.3.2 and none of those work. Maybe a future one will. Hope this helps.

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