I have unsubscribed from Digg.com’s RSS feed

Until Digg stops forcing people to use their Digg Bar1 and stops redirecting all hits (via 200’s) to their own site, I have stopped reading Digg and have stopped sending them any traffic.

Speaking up against sitejacking is important. Facebook and StumbleUpon wrap sites, but they at least send 301 codes, which redirects properly to the destination URL. Digg doesn’t do this and is merely wrapping a poor attempt to hijack hits wrapped in a trojan horse called the Digg Bar.

I have not verified the site redirects myself, but I trust those who have reported on this. I’ll be happy to re-subscribe once Digg fixes and/or eliminates the Digg bar entirely.

1. the only way to not use it is to have a digg account, to opt-out and then be logged in every time you use a digg shortened url. Yeah, that’s going to happen alot

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