My Predictions for the iPad

  1. Apple won’t call it a tablet
  2. It’ll be around $999 with 64GB
  3. Apple will discontinue the MacBook Air
  4. We’ll see a new publishing tool for creating content that goes directly for sale in the iTunes Media Store
  5. We’ll get a new iLife (maybe the aforementioned publishing tool will be part of iLife)
  6. The iPad will be the true beginning of the transition from computers to communication devices
  7. We’ll subscribe to newspapers and magazines via iTunes

Stuff I would like to see, from a technical standpoint:

  1. Apple’s patent that integrates a camera into the screen for face-on video conferencing
  2. Able to use the table as a screen for a machine in other room
  3. Able to use a bluetooth keyboard with the iPad

I could really see myself using something like this for most of my computing needs, such as email, web surfing, billing tracking, you name it. I would just like to see my data synced to my desktop machine more often than when just plugged into a computer, much as my laptop is synced hourly via time machine. Maybe the iPad will be able to back itself up to a time capsule wirelessly?