I hate Flash video

I don’t hate Flash video because Steve Jobs hates Flash video. I hate Flash video for real reasons, such as:

Spending 35 minutes trying to watch Chuck on NBC.com. I tried three browsers. They all stalled or skipped. Every time I changed an option, it would run the damned Marriott ad again. I saw it ten times. I hate Marriott now.

Spent 30 mins trying to watch video of the Lakers/Suns game on tnt.com. It finally started working, after I saw the Kia Sorrento ad 8 times. I hate Kia now.

Nothing “just works,” and when you have to reload or try again, you get the damned ads, over and over and over.

Back to NBC. I downloaded their high def plugin, maybe it is Java, I don’t know but it stuttered and skipped so badly, I could not watch more then 20 seconds of that crap.

I tried Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox. All failed in different ways.

I was able to watch ABC.com video ok, sorta. That took several refreshes to get working properly.

This isn’t progress. Not yet at least.

Flash with all of it’s popup ads that run repeatedly because it is too dumb to know that I just watched the ad can kiss my router.