Amazing chat service from the Apple Store!

The online Apple Store now has chat support. I was thinking about getting AppleCare for my iPhone 3GS which is a a year old in 3 days, and I wanted to know if I ordered it today, would I be ok or not.

So I clicked on the chat bubble and in 18 seconds, this is the conversation I had:

Apple: You are chatting with Stephanie G, an Apple Expert

Apple: Hi, my name is Stephanie G. Welcome to Apple!

Apple: How are you today?

Me: Hi, good thanks, and you?

Apple: I’m great, thanks!

Apple: Would you like some assistance with your shopping?

Me: I have an iphone that will be a year old in 3 days. I want to buy applecare for it. Do I need to do this via a retail store, so I can get it registered in time?

Apple: Not at all, you can purchase here Online and then call our AppleCare team with your order number.

Apple: That way they know that you purchased it in time.

Apple: Have you already added AppleCare to your cart, or would you like a link to do so?

Me: No, I have the page up though, so I am good. Thank you!

Apple: You’re welcome! And I’m happy to keep this chat open while you place your order – if you share your order number once you have it, I can verify that your order was placed successfully!

Apple: I can also get you the number for AppleCare, so that you can call them straight away.

Me: ok thank you

Apple: You’re welcome!

Me: ok order number is: [REDACTED]

Apple: Thanks! I”ll check on that right away, and get you the number for AppleCare.

Apple: Your order has been placed successfully! You’ll receive a confirmation email shortly, and another email with tracking information as soon as it leaves our warehouse.

Apple: And you can reach AppleCare at 1-800-275-2273.

Me: thank you! This was the best. support. ever. I’ll be blogging about it.

Apple: Thank you! And I was happy to help.

Apple: Have a great day!

Me: You too!

Apple: Thank you for visiting the Apple Store. We appreciate your business. If you would like more help, please chat with us again.

Apple: Thank you for choosing the Apple Store. If you have any additional questions, please chat us again.

After calling AppleCare, they confirmed that the only important thing is the date of the order and I can call and get things set up once the box arrives, even if it is past the iPhone’s anniversary date.

Very nice.