Boxwave case for iPhone 4 helps reception

When the iPhone 4 shipped, Boxwave ran a promotion to get a free case (for $4.50 shipping). My case finally arrived some 5 weeks or so later.

I ordered [an eclipse crystal slip](]. The case is quite nice. It provides enough grip so the phone doesn’t slide everywhere, but is also slick enough to not grip my wallet when in a pocket.

The case does not attract lint, but does attract fingerprints. It pulls over the edges fairly easily.

The best part is, the case resolved whatever signal drop issues I had with my microcell. Even in the worst death grip possible, I only dropped to 2 bars and while a tad garbled, I could hear the caller, they could hear me and the call never dropped.

The color isn’t my favorite, it is more brown than “smoke gray”

It feels as though the case is thick enough to take off some of the concern of dropping an iPhone 4 on a corner and shattering it. However, the case is also thin enough with large enough openings to make access to the silence switch easy, even for those with short fingernails.

So while you’re not going to show this case off to friends for how cool it looks, (and after all, the iPhone without a case is about as cool as it gets) this is certainly an affordable option to protect your iPhone 4 and possibly help with any reception issue you might be having.