Having issues updating Google Chrome on OS X?

Is your Google Chrome on OS X not updating? When you select “About Chrome” from the Chrome menu, do you see an error 12?

If you do, try this fix:

  • Quit Chrome
  • Open your boot drive in the Finder (typically “Macintosh HD”)
  • Open the Library folder
  • Delete the Google folder (You may be asked to enter your admin password)
  • Launch Chrome
  • Open “About Chrome” from the Chrome menu to ensure an update is happening

You may see another error 12. If so, click the “Allow automatic updates for all users” button. Enter your admin password when OS X asks you to, and Chrome may then update properly.

This appears to be some issue with Google’s updater and code signing. If the updater has not been authorized to update all users, OS X shuts the updater down.