Microsoft Office may be too damned expensive and come from the evil empire, but the latest update to […]

I let my matchmaker account expire. Time to spend less effort dating and more effort on me. Where […]

haha this is great! Ellen Feiss infiltrates Foxtrot (Thanks Maggie for the updated URL)

I got a call from “National Doman Name Service” telling me changes were about to happen to some […]

CNN is trying to show their new “real vote” system, so as to predict better, due to 2000. […]

I went and saw a dermatologist about my birth marks. I’m having them cut off in early December. […]

My tv is finally showing screen burn in. The problem came from using the 4:3 mode with bars […]

PanIP got a patent to every e-commerce site in 2001. Now they are suing company after company. Fight […]