Looking deep inside

I’ve had some incredible experiences as of late – None of which I will recount, but conversations, awakenings, metaphysical “ahas” which are not quite at the level of an epiphany. Somehow the cosmic slide rule is in motion and the numbers are starting to make sense in a bizarre manner.

Gears aligning, stars opening up from the heavens, rain drops fresh on the scalp. No idea where it is all leading me, but no longer as afraid to take the steps. Repetition, in thought and pattern, to help come to a more consistent train of thought.

Skyways of thoughts, interconnected by a programme of networked emotional traffic officers, making sure everything gets to it’s proper destination as close to on schedule as can be.

New avenues being christened, the tar not quite dry. Still wanting to take the prototypical vehical for a spin.

Strange throughts, even stranger conclusions.