I’ve made the switch to Safari

I’ve made the switch to Safari

Why? Surprised me. I hate the Mozilla/Chimera history. I have never understood that, and Safari keeps a very good history, searchable, etc.

Also, now that Chimera supports the ability for a site to not have Chimera cache a password (which I understand why they had to do it, or risk being blocked by banks) I switched.

I still want Tabs, or something like that. Sometimes, multiple windows just suck. 🙂

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  1. After reading various debates about tabs, I finally checked out tabs in Chimera last night. Kind of a nice feature (haven’t seen a toggle to have tabs automatically created when opening a second, et cetera, sites.

    Safari definitely needs to support RSS. As a “next generation” web browser and because web blogs are one of the current Things, it really must.

    I am looking at all the browsers out there because I am in charge of developing a list of standard applications to be installed on computers when we start migrating college computers to OS X this Spring (oh, the fun we will have, not because of technical issues but because so many people hate change. “Who moved my #@$%* cheese?!” Indeed.


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