Blue Screen of Death in the Movie Theater:

Microsoft to drive digital movie theaters

A sad, sad day. Excuse me, my movie crashed, I want a refund? And about those MS ads you allow to be shown before every movie, screw you too!

“We’re sorry, but you must have a Microsoft Passport account to enter this movie theater”

“Bill Gates thanks you for coming, enjoy the show.”

“Your attendance has helped ensure the continued monopolization of the tech sector by Microsoft. We thank you! Enjoy the show, and no, those are not digitally inserted subliminal messages.”

“Pick up your Bill Gates bobble head at the snack counter, free with any upgrade to Windows 2003”

“Would you like butter on your Pentium?”

“Thank you for your patronage at Landmark Theaters. The show will begin shortly. Scanning for Viruses. You are infected. Please leave the theater in an orderly fashion.”

“Hey you, Mr. Jobs! Outta the theater!” — Webdog

and the coup de grace:

“In case of emergency, please find the Start door to exit.”