Mmm Reo you da best!

Reo’s Ribs has expanded! They took over the entire corner they were on, so serving from the roach coach is a thing of the past. They have a full two rooms of dining, however it is still down-home Mississippi cooking and atmosphere.

For those who don’t live here, Reo’s is a mom and pop southern food place (hard to say restaurant heh) that cooks right on TV highway in these huge black cookers, where you can smell the wood burning and the meat cooking as you drive by.

Back to my beef brisket and collard greens!


  1. [homer]mmmm….Rio’s…. i wish i was eating some right now…[/homer]

    Oh man what I wouldn’t do for some fried okra, collard greens and cornbread. drooling Oh this is torture! It’s almost as bad as that spider! heheh

    No, the spider wasn’t what kept me up last night hehe but I did whimper about it to teqqy heh she said that, yes, they do indeed live here… i about lost my mind when she told me that… she referred to it as a ‘common house spider’. The rest of the conversation is a panicked blur. heh

  2. REO’s Ribs: Pro’s- 1) When they concentrate and try- the food is astounding!! 2) Leave the tuxedo home. Con’s- 1) Not consistant, ie: Get the same meal on two different occasions- one will be great, the other- miserable. 2) 20 to 30 minute wait, even when you are the only one there. 3) A health departments’ nightmare!!

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