I fought the sliding door and the door won

Ouchie, smashed my middle left finger in the door! Man that door slides smoothly. Cut the underside at the joint, and the nail deep enough to bleed. I nearly passed out – what a wuss I am. 🙂

But 2 glasses of water, some bandaids and 40 mins of rest later, I was at the store buying my now late dinner. Potato is in the oven (no more microwave, yuck!) and the steak will be grilling, the carrots steaming.

Oh yeah, I’m going to try to start eating better, too. I think the door was an omen.

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  1. …SGI SA Tim O’Brien was waiting for his car to be fixed. In the waiting area of the garage, 2 other customers were watching a ballgame on TV. After a while, Tim wanders over to the glass partition, thinking to get an ETA from the mechanic. Behind him, the customers are commenting on the pitching in the ballgame. Tim tries the door… he hears one of the customers say “It’s a slider.” Tim’s having trouble with the door, can’t seem to get it to un-latch. Hi tries opening it inward. He’s an ex-Marine, he shakes it violently. He tries opening it outward. There’s a roar from the TV, and the customer says, “It’s a slider!”. Tim grabs the handle and wrenches the door out of the frame with a screeching of aluminum and glass. And hears from behind him: “Jesus, dude! I keep telling ya, it’s a sliding fucking door!”

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