The whole iTunes 4.0.1 issue..

Some people are complaining that Apple took away internet streaming and thus something they “paid” for in iTunes 4. Because they downloaded AAC files they paid for the feature and thus Apple duped them.

Ya know I am kinda sick of everyone having their own voice. Ok, I’m not, it is just annoying at times 🙂

Apple took out tunes sharing most likely because some jackasses wrote apps to take the streams iTunes sent and save them as a file. This negates any protection of the file. I had actually been told that you could not stream Protected AAC files (without the remote person being authorized) but still, this turned iTunes into a P2P music swap system.

This in turn might have put strains on the iTunes Music Service, and I sure don’t want to see that go away. So, thanks assholes, for trying to circumvent the community from sharing a tune now and then, you thieves have forced Apple to plug a hole for potential theft.

Sure, people can still steal music, even Protected AAC (burn and re-rip, at a quality loss) but Apple is not making it easy to distribute in that regard. Internet streaming was making it too easy and when someone decided to change the rules, Apple had to respond.

Someday we’ll grow up and realize that there are consequences for our actions, stop acting like children who never had enough discipline when we were, oh yeah, kids.

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