What a pile!

As my friend Simeon would say. So I download the new Adobe Acrobat Reader 6. I run the installer, and it asks where to save it, so I say Applications. Then I realize it is downloading the installer (I never pay attention, I am a Mac user!)

So I cancel it and it asks what I want to do. Resume next time, resume on restart, or cancel and delete the partially downloaded file. I choose the later, so I can download to the desktop.

I relaunch the Adobe Download Manager and now it says “No files to download”

ROFL. Why on EARTH do engineers continue to have to show the size of their slide ruler by writing overly complicated, more likely to break software? Why why why?

Just let me download the damned installer already. Sigh.

Update: I have tossed every Adobe file I can find modified today, and yet the Adobe Download Manager refuses to let me download Acrobat 6. Too bad for them I guess.


  1. I agree about overly complex installers. As a transfer student to the Mac, I get confused by all the garbage icons every install leaves all over my desktop. Is it safe to discard that? Is this really where I want it? I never know.

    I think it’s a huge mistake to make people know about computers to use computers. What other appliance do I have to know a lot about to use? Not my refrigerator. I don’t have to undersand cooling processes. Not TV. I don’t have to know how the satellite link works to watch “The Simpsons.”

    But people who make software insist I know how the installer works.

    I hope they feel better about themselves now.

  2. I chose not to use the Adobe Download Manager. I saw this program on my brother’s PC and decided I didn’t want it on my Mac. I clicked to install the full installer. Instead, it was a file that downloaded the installer. Oh Brother!

    You wanna talk fun navigational tricks at a website, try downloading the free version of Real Player from Real.Com. You have to dig around all the stuff for the paid version to find the link to download the free versiion. Frustrating.

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