Asshole company of the week – Logitech

So I break down and call Logitech about their new MX 900 Bluetooth mouse. Features are nice, bluetooth, all that. But it is designed for right handed only mousers. I am right handed, but I mouse with my left.

Me – “I am calling to find out about a left-handed mouse or an ambidextrous MX 900” LT – “Our mice are only for right handed people, sir. I don’t know what you should do.” Me – “I’m sure you must be losing sales to people who mouse left handed” LT – “Well we sell a lot of mice to people who use their right hand.” Me – “So why can’t you design an ambidextrous mouse like Microsoft does?” LT – “Marketing has only designed right handed mice.” Me – “So who should I send my comments to?” LT – “We forward them on, but I don’t think we’ll have any ambidextrous mice soon.”

Damn, how lame. Sell a lot of mice to right handed people. Those guys can go click themselves.