Sometimes bending the rules helps, except when you are egomaniacal jerks…

Due to the fact that it is clear these jerks were just out to get their name out, I have removed the post about the guys who made the anti-ipod battery video.

They are not out for the consumer, just out for their own limelight. They never posted the info on how to fix the battery or replace it cheaply and they lied to the guy mirroring their movie that they indeed would do as such. So, the mirror of their site is gone from here.

Go buy an iPod today and give these dopes the finger! 🙂


  1. $100 to replace a battery is outfrigginrageous. I’ll admit, it’s alot more affordable than Apple’s previous scam of $100, but think for a minute…

    How could an industry leader in Design overlook something as basic as replacing batteries? There’s no reason the iPod shouldn’t have a pop off back cover with a user replaceable battery. Or hell, a set of 6 (or however many) AA batteries even. At the very worst, a custom battery brick you could buy at Fry’s or something for $30 or less.

    And they’re on the 3rd generation of iPods and STILL haven’t gotten it right. For a $500 walkman, I’d expect something like user replaceable batteries.

  2. You might think so, but just wait till you have to replace, on your own, a high capacity battery for an expensive gadget. This includes sending it back as well.

    Yeah, the iPod should have a replaceable battery, but think about it, that thing is packed so tight so it is small and compact, it is one of the reasons people LIKE the iPod. To make it user replaceable means a pigtail connector (need room for that, extra space so someone does not need a tool to get it out, the entire ipod has to come apart or you need space for the latch, and a door, and…… Well you get it.

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