Web site clean up with BBEdit

I decided to finally buy and upgrade to MovableType 3.0 today. That lead me into the hell of the tool I was using to manage all of my pages with templates and decided to ditch it once and for all. On a stroke of luck, I found that BBEdit supports includes, so now my entire site is generated by BBEdit. Sweet. very fast, clean and the MT template files sync up quicker due to less bloat in the files.

BBEdit for the Mac – The only text editor to have.


  1. I have never really used the HTML features of BBEdit, which these days comprise a huge number of it’s features. However, even without those features, it’s a fantastic text editor. I’ve been doing some PERL lately and BBEdit supports syntax highlighting and checking for PERL, which is quite handy, too.

    I wish they made it for Windows, too, so I wouldn’t have to use TextPad when I’m stuck on a PC. Although TextPad is a pretty nice editor, it’s not as powerful as BBEdit, except perhaps in custom syntax highlighting, which is easily user creatable/editable.

  2. I’ve been using BBEdit to create generic text and format it for my electronic newsletter. The Glossary and ability to force text wrap after so many characters make my life easier.

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