Care for your CDs/DVDs

This document from NIST covers some cd/dvd basics. Like don’t use markers! The solvents actually eat through the label side and ruin the disc.

You can mark on the little clear spindle area. No adhesive labels either. Ouch.


  1. I picked up some CD labeling pens at some store (compUSA?). They work well, but don’t lay down as solid an ink as the good old sharpie. However, they won’t eat their way through the substrate, either. Pale would be a good word to describe the ink.

    I have been using Sharpies on my printable DVDs. They have a thick white coating designed to be printed on and I figured it was safe to use them on that (famous last words).

  2. I read on a site that the “CD labeling” pens have the same chemicals in them, just are thinned out. Which is why you might be seeing what you see, but do they solve the issue?

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