George Lucas is a dumbass

Lucas has done it again. With the much anticipated release of the original Star Wars trilogy, he just could not leave classics alone. No, he had to fuck with them.

Who wants to see WHINEY Hayden Christensen??? My god! And he completely replaced the Emperor! And Han and Greedo fire at the same time? What the HELL is George smoking?

I’ll probably still get them, but more likely rent. Dumbass.


  1. I can understand the digital restoration, from the same guy that did the Indiana Jones trilogy, but for Lucas to once again make changes…argh!

    Why can’t Lucas just issue the DVDs then release a “Director’s Cut”?

  2. Lucas doesn’t care about the fans. He’s said that he doesn’t listen to their input. He does whatever he wants and tough noogies if you don’t like it.

    When asked why he didn’t release the original theatrical versions on DVD he said, “…you can buy them on VHS if you want them.”

    I think Lucas and Hayden Christensen had an affair. Why else would a renowned director that should surely be able to spot skilled talent and those lacking it cast such a loser in such a critical role?

    Lucas seems to have lost it since New Hope was released. The fall began with the Ewok stupidity, continued with Jar Jar and the final insult to fans is Hayden Christensen.

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