Fixed: Finally I can sync my Sony Ericsson P900

Tiger comes to the rescue! In Tiger, iSync is broken into two somewhat confusing pieces.

  1. .Mac Sync – This is found in your .Mac System Preference pane and is used for synching to .Mac between Mac’s only
  2. iSync – In /Applications you’ll still find iSync, used to sync your Mac to your devices, such as your iPod and P900 phone.

When you add your phone, iSync will download some code to the phone to handle the sync. This is much, much, much more reliable than the old method of using the Sony code. Thank you Apple, finally!

Note that the iSync menu no longer opens the iSync application, but rather the preference pane. I think Apple needs a third pass at this to integrate it again, but for now, sync your phone with the iSync application.

It really, really, really is fast.


  1. I noticed that you said that iSync has to be open to sync your phone, I noticed that the menu item no longer syncs my phone as it did in Panther. Is this just the “new and improved” feature? It seems frustrating that they took out a useful feature.

  2. Yes since iSync is separate from .mac Sync, it has to be run independently and there is no longer a shortcut to it in the menu. Sigh. But you could easily make an automator workflow to open iSync and then put that in your scripts menu.

  3. I am happy with Tiger – finally I can sync my P900, however when I do (addressbook) it will only sync (using bluetooth) half of the address book. Any thoughts as to why? The database is 2300 cards or so, and nothing is ever said about it being full (which it shouldn’t be). .

  4. That is a new one to me – Have you checked your phone’s memory via the control panel?

  5. Hi sriggins

    The phone memory has 12.3mb available – so far the contacts are taking up 237kb so no issue there. Any other ideas?

  6. I’m running the latest Tiger 10.4.1 on a powerbook and iSync 2.0 and have a P900. I have managed to get the iSync Agent software onto the P900 but when I try to sync contacts and calenders, I get a ‘Synchronization Failed’ message on the computer – ‘Cannot connect to the device’ etc. and another message saying ‘iSync can’t communicate with your phone’ and on the phone I get the message ‘Program Closed Program Main Reason Code: USER Reason number 11’.
    Has anyone fixed this problem. Very frustrating!

  7. Alice,

    I have not seen this issue ever. Which software is on your phone? Mine is a import from France.

    From the Control Panel, Edit menu, System Information. I am running CXC162022 r3D011 Phone, Organizer R5b02

  8. hello alice i had the same problem. to solve it i had to backup my phone on a pc (you can not do a complet backup on a mac). if you don’t have to many settings you don’t need to back up. then i did a master reset: controll panel, other, master reset (if you have not set a password for your phone yet, the standard password is 0000). Carefull! this deletes everything on your phone setting it back in its “newly born” state. after this i was able to sync my phone with isync. although i have allways to turn on bluetooth, turn the phone off and turn it on again. hope that helps greetings from very cold switzerland marcel

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