Fixed: Finally I can sync my Sony Ericsson P900

Tiger comes to the rescue! In Tiger, iSync is broken into two somewhat confusing pieces.

  1. .Mac Sync – This is found in your .Mac System Preference pane and is used for synching to .Mac between Mac’s only
  2. iSync – In /Applications you’ll still find iSync, used to sync your Mac to your devices, such as your iPod and P900 phone.

When you add your phone, iSync will download some code to the phone to handle the sync. This is much, much, much more reliable than the old method of using the Sony code. Thank you Apple, finally!

Note that the iSync menu no longer opens the iSync application, but rather the preference pane. I think Apple needs a third pass at this to integrate it again, but for now, sync your phone with the iSync application.

It really, really, really is fast.