Disneyland Report May 8th, 2005

Matt and I went back to the park today to catch what we missed on Thursday. I mainly wanted to see Jungle Boat, the 50th show, check out the Tinkerbell Twist and see if any of my pictures were used in the mosaics around the park.


We went to the kiosk and sure enough I had been used about 8 times in mosaics, mainly in the large Steamboat Willie Mosaic and way up under the drapery at the top. But I have one photo in the Haunted Mansion mosaic which is appropriate for me and one in the 20,000 leagues Mosaic, but Matt and I forgot to check that one! Will have to catch it next time!

Golden Ears Part II

I took my ears back over to Frontier land that I had purchased on Thursday and along with my receipt got my name embroidered on the back. That was nice of them……

Tinkerbell Twist!

I read about the new drink, Tinkerbell Twist over on Mouse Planet so I had to give this a whirl. I decided against the souvenir cup as it was just a label slapped onto the normal bottle. Matt bought one of the $7.50 blinky Tinkerbell straws for his wife.

The drink is a mix of sour apple and sour watermellon and lemme tell ya, it made my eyes water but oh so yummy! It was like drinking a sweet tart rofl. We have video of the experience which I will post later.

We found the drink by Matterhorn over by the old boat attraction.

50th Celebration Show

The new show, temporarily replacing the Lincoln exhibit is very nice. Much of the video I had seen before, but it was nicely narrated by Steve Martin and I learned a couple of new things as well.

I think Matt and I enjoyed the lobby more, however, with the model of the original park. The railroad was N-Scale and the model was huge, so my backyard G-Scale Disneyland is going to prove interesting.

Seeing the collection of old tickets, coupons and artwork was a real joy and treasure.


Gold, gold, gold. Too bad Cornelius is not a Disney character. I took some pictures of the golden Dumbo, golden teacup, golden Congo Queen, golden Storybook Boat and golden Jingles!

Ursula on a Break(down)

I took some photos of the parade and noticed Ursula’s audio was working but none of her movements as the float went by. I swear she was animated even while the float moved.

The last e-ticket ride – in the Security SUV

So neither Matt nor I really remembered where we parked. An hour later, 4 levels of the tram side checked thrice, I flagged a security guy down who was super nice and we drove around and around hitting my alarm until we found it – on the far side of the exit. How we could be that far off is beyond me. I’ve only parked there 100+ times, you’d think I’d learn by now…

Spoilers Below – You have been warned!

Jungle Boat

The Jungle Boat Cruise is totally fun. They added some explosions in the river along with drifting bits of the camp from the gorilla raid. Also the “rapids” after the “backside of water” has been changed to a river of charging piranha! That was very cool. Everything seemed cleaner and spiffed up.

We asked and were allowed to wait one boat so we could ride the Golden Congo Queen – Very nice!

View all of the photos here

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