Apple adds more shows to iTunes Music Store

Ok so I find it cool I can download an adam-12 or Hitchcock presents now. However, Apple needs to make these downloadables cheaper somehow.

An entire season 1 of Adam-12 is $37 from Apple, and the DVD version from Amazon is $32. Or used for $25. You can’t buy used downloads 🙂

I suppose I’ll use the iTMS for TV like I did in Germany, when I am on the road and want some cheap entertainment. I just can’t see myself collecting content this way. it is too expensive an DRMed to boot.

I know Apple’s move will be to make this downloadable from the net to trusted machines and then play in the living room. Of course, I won’t buy into that until they output and download HDTV versions. Afterall, why do I want to download a 320×240 tv show and scale to 1920x1080i?

I do find this all very interesting however 🙂

I have not bought any shows since I bought the four Desperate Housewives when iTMS launched tv show content.