mmmm bread

inspired by Tim and Bridget’s bread maker, and the desire years ago to make my own bread, but having failed due to whatever reasons, I bought a Cuisinart bread machine. quite nice.

Pictures start here.

Bridget suggested King Arthur flower and so far, two good loaves. One was a quick bake, ie 1 hour to make, 1 hour to warm.

The second I used the normal 3 hour cycle and garlic butter. I then set the delay such that it would be ready at 7am. Sure enough, woke up to the wafting smells of garlic through the house.

How awesome is that? Add some marionberry jam from Made In Oregon and have a lovely breakfast.

I think a 1lb loaf can help me make more lunches at home and have some breakfast food, also.

The cleanup is terribly simple. More ingredients on the counter than anything else. The machine just needs the pan washed out and the beater cleaned. You need a little bottle brush to do that well.