What I did on New Years

After Sara’s friend Ruthie left around 9:30, Sara and I went to breakfast and then shopping. We came home to find some fire dept tape around my property.

A 40-50ft pine tree fell through the roof! It punched holes over my office/family room, the kitchen and the bedroom.

I can’t say enough about Sara, Charles, Janet and the neighbors I did not know before who came and helped me move. The rental company came by and dropped off keys to a house 4 doors down so we were able to move the office and living room in 4 hours.

I want to thank them all (Jacob, Ashley, Michael, Brian and everyone I have forgotten the names of) for just jumping in and helping box and haul, or bringing dust masks due to all of the fiberglass that fell in.

One of the neighbors even offered a dish to eat! We were so busy tho I didn’t have a chance to take up her offer, but it was much appreciated!

Amazingly the roof fell onto the powerbook but the lid just opened all of the way and there seems to be no damage. A printer was knocked on the floor and my Radio Shark USB radio bit the dust.

Albert (The OS X stuffed tiger) was proudly holding up the roof to protect that end of the room.

Luckily it was not raining. Luckily we were not at home! Luckily a place was open 4 doors down from the same mgt company.

Of course, I broke my own rule and had my backup drive in the house. You can see if it was raining, or there was a fire, or the tree landed just a little left, I would have lost all of my data. Whew!

Interestingly enough, I have an appt in the am with a realtor. This should be interesting 🙂

Thanks again to everyone who helped out. We’re having a party when this is all done. What a way to get to know your neighbors!!



  1. I’m pretty sure I got it all on TiVO too (Jennifer and I are in a hotel downtown tonight). I will check when I get back tomorrow and let you know.

    Good luck with the relator tomorrow too!!! 🙂

  2. OMGOMGOMGOMG! Sarah was like “LOOK!” We’re just so happy you weren’t home. Whew…man… speechless M&S

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