Time for a new line of Macintosh ads

I’m not very happy with the new Apple ads. Sure, I am the biggest Mac biggot of them all, but like the switcher ads which didn’t work to much success, I don’t think that belittling others is a way to endear them.

Ok, the Mac is better at viruses and networking and such, but it has its own flaws.

Rather, I’d like to see some high energy iPodesque ads, showing people making movies, Word documents, photo books, slide shows, podcasts, music. Being creative and positive with their Macs.

If Windows is really as bad as we like to make out, then Windows users will notice how much better the Mac is by simply showing what the Mac does and how.

They don’t need to be mocked.


  1. I also saw the new ads and didn’t like them. The PC dude looks like Bill Gates and the Mac guy could be akin to Steve Jobs in the early days. Not only that, the PC dude is in a suit and the Mac guy is in the laid back casual style. This harkens back to Macs’ early days when “the suits” ignored Apple because they viewed the Mac as a toy.

    I agree. Show what apps run on the Mac, what people are doing with the Mac that you can’t do with a PC or show how much easier things are with a Mac compared to Windows XP.

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