Have I complained about iChat lately?

As you can tell from my mystic posts, I’ve been trying to solve this can’t iChat AV in Tiger issue even though I’m talking to people with PhDs and what not. Or not talking to them should I say.

I had Vonage switch to SIP port 5061, but then eliminated the Vonage router altogether and still had issues.

I then upgraded my Linksys WRT54GS v1.1 to Talisman/Basic 1.2.RC2 and wow, with just uPNP I could talk to John, or Tim, or Patrick, but not more than one of them at once. Grrr.

Oh anf then, my wireless in WPA mode is dead. Known issue, rc3 coming soon.

So I got the offer to buy a refurbed Apple Airport Extreme Basestation for like $20 off list. I’m going to try it but my gut tells me I won’t be happy. I already lose a port, which means some other piece of hardware is needed (I was using 1 2 ports on my linksys in conjunction with a Netgear 4 port gigabit switch). I’ll test the wifi speeds, the lan to wan speeds and see if it actually works for iChat and Vonage. Report later tonight.

Apple, if anyone is listening. Come on, please. At least make a cool wizard that says “Hey, we noticed you actually connected to two people, mind if we snag your router info, ISP so we can let people know what works?” Anything would help other than this religious voodoo we’re going through.

In these days of “Get a Mac” ads, its sad my ichat experiences are reminiscent of why we’d giggle at Windows users.

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  1. No magical wizard, and I am sure you must have tried something similar, but I had trouble connecting to almost anyone over video or audio, but found that if I had all these ports open (yeah it is a lot, and I am too lazy to figure out which ones actually help) 5190, 5220, 5222, 5223, 5298, 16384-16403 and as long as they did as well it all works. Well…except file transfers of course. Sorry if this was about ten steps ago for you.

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