My next PC will be a Mac

“Alright Steve” is what I know you are thinking. I’m a Mac guy, always have been. What the hell am I talking about?

I’ve had a windows box for over a decade now. I use it for work and for gaming. The work aspect is to verify my site, or my code runs, or to compile a Windows version – Depends on the task. As for gaming, games were either a) only available on Windows or b) much faster due to optimizations in both the applications and drivers.

Well now with the Mac pro, sporting not only top of the line processors and GPU, but it can run Windows natively if needed. Why do I need a third machine?

I have the Mac Book Pro that I use 95% of the time. I can use it for searching the net while I game, email all that stuff. The only downside is if some data I need is on the Mac side of the desktop while i am booted in Windows. I’ll live.

So when my AMD 3200 PC with nVidia 6800GT becomes the 286 of my office, I’ll be getting a Mac Pro. I’ll put an additional drive in just for Windows. Hopefully I can unmount the Mac disk, keeping it safe from viruses.

Or I suppose I could just slide the drive out. 🙂

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  1. Yeah, I’m going to get a Mac Pro to replace the old 933… Down to 500 megs now, told the warning to shop showing, was tired of hitting the ok button lol. Although, I’ll keep my current PC’s, since one runs the mame box, the 2nd my flight simulator and the 3rd, well I just like to keep windows off my Mac, period… heh.

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