I slouch. I always have. I’ve decided to start working on my core strength, so I am proactively trying to not slouch. Do you know how difficult this is?

I know its working, as my lower back is sore. I’m also doing the stomach tightening gig. However when I am concentrating on work or WoW, I find myself slouching.

This is a challenge!


  1. I hear ya, I’ve been trying to consciously stop slouching when riding my motorcycle. There’s a slight forward lean in the seating position and if I don’t slouch, it takes a lot of pressure off my hands. My hands get tired pretty quickly, so fixing this problem won’t just give me better posture.

  2. nodnodnod I’ve been sitting here trying not to slouch too! It’s hard! at work I just keep my chair a little low. That helps.

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