DiskWarrior 4 arrives!

And yes, yours truly, your beloved geek, the one on the bleeding edge, just had to run it on his a) encrypted disk image and b) his mac book pro!

In both cases, DiskWarrior 4 found errors – Improperly named .journal files on the disk image and various icon and text encoding issues on the laptop, as well as giving me back 200mb of free disk.

Now compatible with Intel macs, this utility is (sadly) a must have for any Mac user. I’ve used Macs since Feb, 1984, so I know what I am talking about here.

If you do not own Disk Warrior, run to your nearest Mac retail store, or go to Alsoft and pick up a copy.

If you own an older version, upgrade! Support these guys. DiskWarrior 4 now repairs disk images and Apple’s file vault, which is a huge huge deal. You can upgrade at Alsoft‘s website.


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