TextMate Demo – C Programming

I made a demo movie for Barry to show how TextMate works with C source files.

P.S. I dont think you have to be online to see docs, I think it gets them from man.


  1. Found this demo when looking for information on Mac text editors. You’ve helped me make a decision, put TextMate at the top of my list.

    Tried finding a contact for an unrelated question but no luck. Hope you don’t mind if I post it here. Interested what you use to “screencast” on the Mac, particularly the little window that report your keystrokes.

  2. Very nice tutorials. Can you give a guide how to configure the C compalier with textmate?

    I got always error.. When I run my simple HelloWorld.c


    int main() { prinft(“hello world”); return 0; }

    ——– The error — xcodebuild: Error: the directory /Users/koko/Documents/HAW/MNP does not contain an Xcode project.

  3. koko,

    It appears as if your include statement is incomplete:

    include “stdio.h”

    is likely what you need.

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