Apple Battery Update 1.2 for MacBook / MacBook Pro

Update 3 Apple said to track the status but the battery is not covered even under AppleCare, unless it has a major failure. I hope that doesn’t mean “it burned your house down.”

Update 2 Now that I’ve been on battery for an hour, the full capacity reads 5054! I am taking it in to the Apple Store to get their opinion.

Update! I let the machine run down again, charged overnight, and now my full capacity is down to 4318! 2h15m again. But last night it ran for over 3 hours! Annoying.

Apple today released the Apple Battery Update 1.2 for MacBook / MacBook Pro via software update. Before applying the update, I checked my battery via System Profiler. My 1 year old Mac Book Pro 15″ Core Duo was reporting 4098mAh full capacity

After the update, I removed the battery, plugged it back in, and now I am showing a full capacity of 5082!

Unplugging the power showed nearly 3 hours of life, while playing iTunes, where I had dropped to about 2h15 mins.