Comcast support too good to be true

I ordered a Series 3 TiVo last night, after TiVo dropped the price $300, which essentially pays for 3 years of service. So instead of paying $12 a month for the Comcast DVR+service, I am paying $22/month ($800/36) and getting a much larger disk and better DVR.

So call Comcast and a very nice woman helps me out and says all I need to do is bring my Comcast DVR into the Nimbus office and I will get two Cable Cards.

I had to go to the Apple Store anyway, so I stopped in at the nearby Comcast office to see if I could get my cards early. No surprise, they don’t have cards and I need to make an appointment. So I have an install on Wednesday morning. If the TiVo arrives early Tues I might even get a late Tuesday install.

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