DirecTiVo HR10-250 for sale!

Update: SOLD

I’ve just listed a DirecTV HD DVR HR10-250 for sale on ebay. Take a look if you are interested!

TiVo Auction

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DirecTV HD DVR HR10-250

If you have DirecTV, love TiVo and have been wanting a DVR to go with your HDTV, this is the unit for you!

Purchased in December, 2005, this TiVo saw one month’s work before I was required to move to a location that did not have any satellite coverage. I was forced to switch to cable and the TiVo has sat unused since January, 2006.

I have fired it up, checked that the menus work, the sound works on composite video and analog audio. When I last used this in my home theater, it was connected via component cables and digital optical audio.

You are responsible for contacting DirecTV and making sure you can get DirecTV service as well as signing up this HD10-250 for service. Please contact DirecTV before bidding if you are unsure about any aspect of this unit or their service.


  • HR10-250 DirecTV HD DVR
  • Record up to 30 hours of High Definition programming or 200 hours of Standard Definition programming!
  • Record two shows at once!
  • Up to 1080i picture output!
  • Original Remote (with brand new batteries!)
  • Power cord
  • Phone line splitter
  • Phone cord
  • Component video cable
  • HDMI video cable
  • HDMI to DVI video cable
  • Composite + stereo audio cable
  • S-Video cable
  • Start here manual
  • DirecTV HD DVR User’s Guide
  • Original packaging
  • NO access card
  • NO Warranty

System Information:

Manufacturer Brand: 400 IRD Model: HR10-250 Software Version: 3.1.5f

Shipping Weight: ~14lbs. Shipping to USA only. Paypal only Shipping quote of $17 includes insurance of $400.

*For free shipping, I will change the invoice to match the Buy It Now Price.

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  1. i have a hr10-250. I just got off the phone with dtv and was told this unit is not compatible with the new dtv mp4 hd format. basically i’ll never get more than the 15 channels initially offered. to get the 100 channels dtv now offers i have to change the box and a cost of 300$ !!!! AND lose my tivo functionality. I see these things for sale all over the internet and it bothers me. these units are useless. Any idea why nobody is mentioning that and why these boxes are still being sold. I just saw one for 1100$. I’m upset that i spent 700 on something that’s useless and am seriously considering cancelling my dtv subscription entirely. ive been with dtv for 13 years. I’m tired of buying equipment. maybe cable is the way to go. what do you thing?

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