Jott is a new free service that lets you register a US or Canadian phone number with them, then you call a 877 #, speak who you want to Jott (“Me” or “Matt”) and record a 30 second jott.

The recipient then gets a text translation of what you spoke as well as a link to the original audio.

I don’t know how they plan to earn money – Maybe reselling email addresses, I’ll have to check their ToS, but its a pretty cool service.

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  1. Glad to see you found jott! I was in love with it from the get go! It’s helped me, as a musician, to remember my music! Can you just see me singing guitar riffs into a phone? hahaha However, transcribers don’t transcribe, but they send me the audio…and that’s all i need!

    As for your question about how they are going to make money, they will start charging once they break out of the public beta. From my understanding, jott is going to spread to the business world and release some type of a business model. I believe they will keep the free version. If they do.. I hope they will add a few more features! But for now, I think it is pure sponsors and investors that are keeping them up financially. I see Jott going far, seeing a lot of integrations with JOtt already.

    Happy jotting!

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