iTunes ate 3 songs

Update 2

Ok I’ve fixed my library. Here is the series of errors that happened:

  • Some of my songs were 127kbps AAC files, not the files I paid for.
  • My iTMS library is on a server, while the library is on my laptop. The library was offline at the time I upgraded my music. Music in the library was not updated.
  • All of the music I paid for was on my laptop’s hard disk, in ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/
  • I had burned some songs to CD and re-ripped as AAC 128 to use in non-Apple applications

So what happened was that I paid for the updates, iTunes downloaded them to the local hard disk because the music library was offline.

iTunes failed to add these new songs to my library. That is a bug, probably because older AAC files existed.

Once I realized this, I tried to consolidate but that failed due to the naming conflict, where the song names conflicted with the names of the ripped songs I had done years ago, as both end in .m4a


  • Mount server disk
  • Open iTunes
  • Open ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/ in Finder
  • Look for first downloaded song in iTunes
  • Get info, if not 256kbps, press ok, press command-r (show song in Finder) and delete the song file
    • Delete the song out of iTunes
    • Double click the downloaded 256kbps song in Finder to add to iTunes
  • Repeat for all of your songs you upgraded
  • Empty trash
  • In iTunes use Consolidate Library
  • Check songs via Get Info in iTunes to make sure they are now on the external server disk
  • Delete songs from local disk.


Update I have my iTunes music on a server. The server was offline when I did the upgrade, so all new music went into the local hard disks folder, but not into the library file. Consolidate library doesn’t seem to move them to the external disk though. Hmm.

Also, the move to desktop doesn’t work if your music is on a server 🙂

Original Post

Apparently if I had burned songs to CD and re-ripped as AAC 128, the iTMS charged me for upgrades, but I didn’t get the 256k versions, nor did it move the old protected version to the desktop.

Time for support 🙂