Getting my Plantronics USB headset’s mic working again

I have a plantronics m2 (I think, the white apple one) which has worked fine with a PowerBook and rev A macbook pro, but the santa rosa, no go on the mic. The headphones work ok.

I had migrated from the old macbook pro to the new one using migration assistant. Apparently some audio preferences got borked and the only way to fix them is via the MIDI setup utility!

Thanks to MacOSXHints and my brother’s recent bout with MIDI setup:

  • I went to the /Applications/Utilities/Audio Midi
  • Under Properties For: and chose Plantronics Headet
  • Then on the Channel “M” (for master) I UNCHECKED MUTE.

Now my headset works fine!

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  1. I would have never though of looking in Midi setup for this. Thanks to Apple for the new support setup, I just went to Mac Pro and found that article which resolved my issue. I’m glad to hear you were able to resolve your issue with the Mic as well.

    Sometimes these are minor things that we just say “I’ll fix that later” but when we do fix them, we’re quite excited, because we forgot how useful the feature or functionality was for us.

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