iPhone, I worship your creators

Apple has released a 20 minute iPhone demo movie that anyone, anyone who thinks they handle the small details should watch.

The iPhone is going to blow people away. Seriously. Even with the stuff its missing.

Apple has a winner. A huge winner.

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  1. You turned off comments to the iPhone ad, so I’m posting here.

    I expect pure chaos. Why? Well, how are the contracts being handled? If in the Apple store, on launch date, look out! Or do you buy your phone, take a piece of paper home or dial a special code on the phone to call AT&T and set yourself up?

    I’m waiting as I’m already an AT&T customer. I want to also see if they will sell them online and if after testing I do decide to buy, I can probably just ship to my home. But that aspect aside, I’m curious how they will deal with contracts on day 1.

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