Bluetooth vs WiFi

Twice now I have been using my Jabra JX-10 while on a call and surfing the web via WiFi on my Airport Extreme N router to watch the wifi totally drop on the iPhone, come back and have errors loading web pages. I then switched to the headphones, turned off bluetooth during the call and I was able to surf for 50 minutes with no drop outs.

(Original post to bug above) While on a conference call and using my Jabra headset, the WiFi connection to my Apple Airport N router kept dropping out. While trying to use Google maps, I’d continually get “Cannot connect to Edge” because I was on a call and WiFi had dropped. So I went to the wifi screen and could see three routers (two are mine) and watch them them go away and come back about every 20 seconds. I am not sure if this is because I had a laptop, Jabra, Express, Wii in the living room and two routers downstairs (one for the OLPC which does WEP only) or what, but it was sure annoying!

Yes indeed, the iPhone suffers from Bluetooth and WiFi signal overlap. While 5 feet from my Apple Router, and on Bluetooth, using both a Jabra and Jawbone, the wifi would consistently drop out, reset or never reset. As soon as I turned off the headset, the wifi and 5 other networks showed up (with some coercing from WiFi off/on button). This is now the most serious flaw of the phone as far as I am concerned.


  1. Totally confirm the above post! Has anyone sent this to apple? Just had this happen to me – totally annoying!

  2. With the iphone wifi on I can’t have any conversations with my phone using my car’s bluetooth handsfree system. If I turn off the wifi on the phone everything works fine. Easy to reproduce, happens every time, so I have wifi turned off all the time, and I turn it on only when I have to …

    It is claear that wifi and bluetooth have some interference …

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