Update: Barry points out that it seems that EDGE crashed. Thanks barry!

On the way home with my third Jawbone I was stopped at a light in my neighborhood, which according to AT&T is “marginal” (Damnit). I decide to check mail and it says “Could not activate EDGE.”

Well hmm. I have 5 bars. Cingular raised those bars. I have a “E” icon for Edge. But no Edge.

Then Mail complains that I can’t reach my mail server. Well yeah ok. I then turn on airplane mode and turn it off, to reset the radios. Same deal. I power the phone off and back on, same deal. Every light on the way home, could not activate EDGE.

I did learn that the tasty Nonna Emila’s Italian Restaurant has a wifi network named “Nonnas,” however.

Now that I am home I disabled WiFi and EDGE connected fine. Go figure.