Update: Barry points out that it seems that EDGE crashed. Thanks barry!

On the way home with my third Jawbone I was stopped at a light in my neighborhood, which according to AT&T is “marginal” (Damnit). I decide to check mail and it says “Could not activate EDGE.”

Well hmm. I have 5 bars. Cingular raised those bars. I have a “E” icon for Edge. But no Edge.

Then Mail complains that I can’t reach my mail server. Well yeah ok. I then turn on airplane mode and turn it off, to reset the radios. Same deal. I power the phone off and back on, same deal. Every light on the way home, could not activate EDGE.

I did learn that the tasty Nonna Emila’s Italian Restaurant has a wifi network named “Nonnas,” however.

Now that I am home I disabled WiFi and EDGE connected fine. Go figure.


  1. I think you should go into Nonna Emelia’s and spend oh… at least an hour or so trying out their wireless network with your iPhone. Of course while you’re there you may as well order a pizza and a beverage or two.

  2. I have also experienced dull EDGE as well today. Outside Apple HQ in Cupertino, at the Elephant Bar on Stevens Creek and at the Eastridge Mall in San Jose. We’ll see how things go when we travel back to PA tomorrow.

  3. Funny enough… today I was on Edge around 1pm, but could not reach my mail server. I found out that the ISP was having problems, aware of the situation, and working to fix it. About an hour later, I got the same thing, could not connect to Edge. I went off and did some stuff, and maybe 45 minutes or later, it was working.

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