What if the iPhone had a biometric screen as well?

What if the iPhone had a biometric screen on top of the multi-touch support? Assuming the biometric worked and was not easily spoofed, that is.

Then you would not need a passcode. As you swiped to unlock, the iPhone would authenticate you as well.


  1. The job I’m quitting has a server farm at a data center. This place is like a mini Fort Knox. They use biometric handscanners as their means of validating access for any given door. You enter your ID code, place your hand in the scanner and if it matches, the door unlocks and you continue on.

    Sounds great, right? Except that I, Bug Magnet am

    (Sung in Nat King Cole voice)

    Unscannable … that’s what I am Unscannable … either side of my hand Yes the bug magnet clings to me puts obstacles in front of me never before has someone been so

    Unscannable … in every way and forever more, that’s how I’ll stay I’ll tell ya, it’s incredible that danged machine thinks I’m unscannable I didn’t need that access anyways…

  2. MythBusters busted a whole ton of biometric scanners. From simple ones that they simply xeroxed a finger, to more elaborate methods of using chemistry to “engrave” a finger print into copper plating and then creating silicon molds. They busted scanners for laptops as well as cheap and expensive finger scanner door locks also.

    One trick was, get a finger print (in this case, from a cd jewel case) and dust it. Then do the crazy glue method to make it stick to something. They scanned that in via a computer scanner, printed it on a clear plastic ala overhead projector type media. Then used a sharpie to fill in the lines. Rescanned that back to the size of the finger, and then printed it.

  3. The phone Porsche P9521 has this feature, I just think it would be a great idea, since it is probably possible to do on the iphone I guess.

  4. Very sorry that mnb is unscanable and it is true that more antiquated forms of finger print readings have limited the adoption of biometric technology thus far. However, new technologies just out are big improvements and attempts to break in, tests far superior to the ones attempted by the MythBusters, fail. Today biometric technology can even measure if there is blood pumping through your veins, so the old idea that someone could cut your finger off and use it to access your home or online accounts is out the window. If Apple does launch a biometric security app the biometric industry will finally take off! Just my two cents… Ian http://www.greendomainmarket.com/

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