Video of Invisible Shield on my iPhone

I spent $15 at The Beaverton Mac Store on a Invisible Shield for my iPhone.

You essentially:

  1. Clean your ipod with a lint free cloth
  2. Wash your hands very well
  3. Spray your fingers with their solution (essentially soap)
  4. Peel the skin off and place in hand, smooth side down
  5. Spray the skin, both sides.
  6. Slide around on phone, until speaker hole and button hole align.
  7. Use included squigee to get bubbles off.
  8. Wipe off excess water
  9. Let dry 24 hours (took only 6 in this warm weather)

I have two very small vertical anomalies, like little cuts, that I can see when the screen is white beneath them, other than that you can’t tell its there.